Building for Trust…

Hyperledger is building for trust. Cementing business-to-business networks are currently mainly populated with PC-era code that has been lifted, loaded and iterated to work on Amazon, Azure, IBM using a composition of cloud technologies. Examples are Kubernetes, Docker and other configuration and orchestration technologies independent of blockchain distributed ledgers. Conversely running PC-era code decentralised outside […]

CertifiedTrue Dev Update #001

The latest pre-alpha development version implements Hyperledger Sawtooth Seth (an abstracted implementation of Hyperledger Burrow), an EVM based blockchain system. As a first step of integration, we introduce the CertNet v0.1 of it’s PoCA (Proof of Certified Access) Transaction Processor. The python version implements the Hyperledger Sawtooth SDK and uses protobufs to enable configuration. The […]

July Team Meeting

CertifiedTrue had a full team meeting July 20-21 working end-to-end and top-to-bottom on roadmap and aligning company for optimal results. We also enjoyed a team BBQ with great steaks and shrimp with plenty of cigars and drinks. People from our partners BlockchainTP and from friends at Satis Group, stopped by as well. You can begin to […]