Building for Trust…

Hyperledger is building for trust. Cementing business-to-business networks are currently mainly populated with PC-era code that has been lifted, loaded and iterated to work on Amazon, Azure, IBM using a composition of cloud technologies. Examples are Kubernetes, Docker and other configuration and orchestration technologies independent of blockchain distributed ledgers. Conversely running PC-era code decentralised outside […]

Why Blockchain Provides Cyber Resilience

Following a speaker series started by Duff & Phelps on Why Cyber Resilience Trumps Cyber Security. We at CertifiedTrue continued with Why Blockchain provides cyber resilience. How it works, and why it matters. We went back to the well and reprised Satoshi Nakamoto’s 2008 bitcoin paper. The IT audience asked many questions allowing us to […]

Privacy and Confidentiality in Blockchains

Ahead of a Hyperledger Architecture Working Group meeting on Privacy and Confidentiality at Oracle HQ. We contributed reprised research into the Connections between Memory Safety and Privacy/Confidentiality. Making well informed choices can reduce the surface attack area. Allowing for clear focus on adversarial consensus models. (Adaptive Byzantine adversary) the adversary can actively and adaptively control up […]