Building for Trust…

The Interval SF

Hyperledger is building for trust.

Cementing business-to-business networks are currently mainly populated with PC-era code that has been lifted, loaded and iterated to work on Amazon, Azure, IBM using a composition of cloud technologies. Examples are Kubernetes, Docker and other configuration and orchestration technologies independent of blockchain distributed ledgers.

Conversely running PC-era code decentralised outside the cloud is easily hacked. As we continue to see happen at major corporations via edge or unpatched systems and IoT point-of-sale (Equifax, Marriott, Target).

The Interval SF
A Foundation of Trust: Building a Blockchain Future
Brian Behlendorf

It sounds far-fetched to do so until we consider this is the approach taken by Satoshi Nakamoto’s bitcoin whitepaper using Proof-of-Work consensus. Compared to the approach taken by Ethereum is dependent on the app ecosystem behind Proof-of-Stake going forward. Could this be why most cryptocurrency projects are caught-up in the so called ‘blockchain winter’?

Concretely building for trust paves the way for CertifiedTrue network protocols built around trust. More specifically built around verification. i.e. Intel a core contributor to Hyperledger Sawtooth is working on PDOs (private data objects) to verify SGX CPU enclaves.

How can PDOs be deployed outside the cloud. Noticeably IBM purchased Red Hat after Linux 4.0 kernel added a useful object-capabilities like API. This can be useful for PDO and similar deployments to integrate untrusted nodes. We are very busy at CertifiedTrue building for trust.