Stephen Graves talks Blockchain with NY State Business Council

CertifiedTrue’s CEO, Stephen Graves was recently honored to be invited to speak to the Technology Committee of the Business Council of NY State at a committee luncheon in midtown NYC. The Business Council is a leading business organization committed to policy education and advocacy that represents the interests of its 2,400 member companies, local chambers of commerce and professional and trade associations.

Stephen discussed many of the legislative issues facing the growing blockchain services industry, including the distinction between various types of crypto assets and the underlying technology that makes them possible. He also noted that, unlike the very public hype of bitcoin, much of the future growth in the industry is likely to come from B2B and enterprise applications as the technology stack is better understood and the use cases are standardized within each industry. While talk of ROI and process cost savings are perhaps not as scintillating to the public as advanced algorithms and overnight millionaires, it is just that sort of discussion that will drive real adoption in the next 5-10 years.

Mr. Graves continued to say that, in the meantime, legislators at federal, state and local levels should be careful in introducing regulations that may inadvertently harm the nascent blockchain industry. Much of the tech is in its relatively early stages of development and is highly complex. Cryptocurrencies are but a single use case of a very flexible technology and regulators need to take care that they do not make the mistake of imposing rules that have a negative impact due to being overly broad. Otherwise, regulations meant more for stocks and money transfer could easily be misapplied to the same technology used for document authentication and treaty reinsurance contracts. The Executive Director of Consensys and a senior member of Zillow were also on hand to express their concerns.

Stephen applauded the efforts of the Business Council to help legislators better understand the issues in order to make more informed judgments. Business Council VP Howard Becker and Technology Chair Peter Chynoweth acknowledged the difficulties in finding blockchain industry participants with the level of expertise to explain the complex technology in understandable terms those unfamiliar with it and thanked the the attendees for begin part of that effort.

CertifiedTrue adds Insurance Industry Executive William Clement to Advisory Board

Insurance Executive William A. Clement joins the ranks of CertifiedTrue!

CertifiedTrue is continuing to attract talented and accomplished individuals to help advance CertifiedTrue’s vision of being the trusted name in blockchain for the Legal, Real Estate and Insurance industries.

For this reason, CertifiedTrue is especially pleased to announce that William A Clement, an experienced executive in the Insurance industry has joined CertifiedTrue’s Advisory Board.

Mr. Clement, an exceptionally accomplished individual with an unparalleled record of achievements brings a keen understanding of the inner workings of the insurance industry to CertifiedTrue. Mr. Clement is a former President and CEO of the Atlanta Life Insurance Company.  Before joining Atlanta Life, Bill served as the Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of Dobbs, Ram & Company, a FinTech company, which was a sub-contractor engaged by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to develop and maintain the IRS “E-Filing” system.

Mr. Clement is also a former Vice-President and Senior Credit Officer of Citizens Trust Bank and a former member of the Board of Directors of Radiant Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:RADS)TRX, Inc. (NASDAQ:TRXI)BRS Trust, LLC (TSX:HOM.U) and the former non-Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of The Clement Insurance Group, Inc., a multi-line insurance agency.

Adding to this depth of industry knowledge is Mr. Clement’s extraordinary knowledge of regulatory and policy issues, having served as a Presidential appointee to the Board of Directors of the National Cooperative Bank, Washington, D.C.

Bill’s expertise as an Audit Committee Financial Expert will also undoubtedly prove invaluable to CertifiedTrue as a startup seeking financing to advance to its next phase of development.

Bill earned a bachelor’s degree from Morehouse College and an MBA from the Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Over the last several years, many have spoken of how BlockChain is going to change the world or reinvent paradigms. CertifiedTrue’s Founders continue to believe in the transformational potential of Blockchain but have focused on identifying and meeting the needs of three key highly process-oriented market segments including understanding their needs and on making it easier for them to migrate existing functions onto Block Chain.

Bringing on an Insurance Executive and FinTech leader like Bill Clement helps augment this focus.

Stephen Graves noted that “At this phase we have been refining our hybridized permission consensus model so that Insurers will understand how it bolsters ‘the trust factor’. Bill’s experience as a President and CEO of Atlanta Life and having run a multi-line insurance agency is going to prove invaluable!”

CertifiedTrue in the last year has built a stellar Tech and Business Team while developing a working and scalable TestNet geared toward solving actual enterprise problems.

We continue to be bullish on using our Blockchain – to augment existing Insurance-solutions. Blockchain done right presents an opportunity to secure and maintain an immutable record and reliable audit trail. Insurers will be able to migrate aspects of recording functions onto the Blockchain to improve reliability, eliminate redundancies and human error and fraud and improve integrity.

That is why William Clement signing on with CertifiedTrue as a key advisor is so epic!  Having the former President and CEO of the Atlanta Life Insurance Company and the founder of a multi-line insurance agency onboard will provide us with invaluable insights into the enterprise needs the Insurance industry.

William Clement “I am excited to be part of the beginnings of a technological paradigm for the insurance industry. The industry has recently begun the process to develop industry standards and use cases. Once standards are established, blockchain technology will bring about significant cost savings and operating efficiencies for insurance companies. Certified True has an innovative approach to bringing blockchain technology to the insurance industry.”

Enterprise blockchain services provider CertifiedTrue welcomes E-Discovery guru Paul McVoy!

CertifiedTrue, the trusted name in blockchain for legal, insurance and real estate professionals is pleased to announce that the CEO of Meta-e Discovery, Paul H McVoy has joined their growing Advisory Board. He brings considerable experience as an expert in the field of E-Discovery to the distributed ledger technology solutions that CertifiedTrue provides to the legaltech industry through Certnet, its consortium blockchain network and related services.

Mr. McVoy is known for his leadership in offering innovative, scalable and cost-effective discovery management solutions has made it his mission to couple the best technology with the best advice to intelligently address E-Discovery challenges. With decades of experience facing challenges from every type of opponent, in Federal and State courts alike Paul has helped develop exclusive, court-tested methods and tools, enabling effective efficient litigation. Paul has been in the forefront of e-discovery technology, specifically as it applies to litigation support.

Mr. McVoy stated that “Coupling the latest in technology assisted review with blockchain is truly the wave of the future” and that “I believe serving as an Advisor to CertifiedTrue will enable them to become the standout leader in this space because of their innovative approach and industry consortium model”.

While many have focused on the cryptocurrency markets over the past year, CertifiedTrue has been working on building blockchain solutions that solve core problems for their target markets and helping to solve the adoption gap. The legal community is increasing in its awareness of distributed ledger and its implications for various use cases throughout their industry.

In 2018, new provisions of the Federal Rules of Evidence (F.R.E. 902) began bringing the FRE into the digital age by streamlining the process of authenticating electronically stored information and admitting it into evidence. This includes records generated by an electronic process or systems that produces an accurate result including logs and registries. System-generated metadata and automated geolocation data should also be favorably affected by this rule reform.

CertifiedTrue’s leadership team immediately recognized the clear implications for our signature decentralized app, CertifiedPhoto, and commented on the wider impact in the legal industry in an article, Federal Rules Meet James Bond. In September, CertifiedTrue also shared its take on an LJN Law Journal piece titled Blockchain Will Bring Opportunities Challenges to Legal Discovery and published Bates Stamping the Future.

The state of the art consortium blockchain network, Certnet, that CertifiedTrue has been building is specifically geared toward meeting those needs of litigators, insurers and real estate professionals. Part of that effort is augmenting existing E-discovery-solutions. CertifiedTrue CEO, Stephen Graves, states that “It is clear to us that blockchain done right presents an opportunity to secure and maintain an immutable record that addresses chain of custody issues and that our approach would dovetail nicely with what we are seeing in the existing E-Discovery enterprise software space. That is why we are so excited to have a true leader in E-Discovery solutions like Paul H McVoy join us.”

Paul H McVoy is the co-founder and CEO of Meta-e Discovery LLC. Paul has been at the forefront of discovery for well over 20 years, working on large, complex matters for law firms and private companies. In 2015, Paul was appointed as the first Chief Discovery Officer for a leading US law firm. Mr. McVoy is a recognized discovery consultant for cases large and small and is a frequent speaker and author on innovative solutions for the legal sector. Paul was an early adopter of technology-assisted review and has been a vocal advocate in support of its use ever since. Paul is an active member of The Sedona Conference and a co-editor of The Sedona Conference’s Glossary, 4th edition and The Sedona Conference Guide for the Selection of Electronic Discovery Providers.

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Building for Trust…

Hyperledger is building for trust.

Cementing business-to-business networks are currently mainly populated with PC-era code that has been lifted, loaded and iterated to work on Amazon, Azure, IBM using a composition of cloud technologies. Examples are Kubernetes, Docker and other configuration and orchestration technologies independent of blockchain distributed ledgers.

Conversely running PC-era code decentralised outside the cloud is easily hacked. As we continue to see happen at major corporations via edge or unpatched systems and IoT point-of-sale (Equifax, Marriott, Target).

The Interval SF
A Foundation of Trust: Building a Blockchain Future
Brian Behlendorf

It sounds far-fetched to do so until we consider this is the approach taken by Satoshi Nakamoto’s bitcoin whitepaper using Proof-of-Work consensus. Compared to the approach taken by Ethereum is dependent on the app ecosystem behind Proof-of-Stake going forward. Could this be why most cryptocurrency projects are caught-up in the so called ‘blockchain winter’?

Concretely building for trust paves the way for CertifiedTrue network protocols built around trust. More specifically built around verification. i.e. Intel a core contributor to Hyperledger Sawtooth is working on PDOs (private data objects) to verify SGX CPU enclaves.

How can PDOs be deployed outside the cloud. Noticeably IBM purchased Red Hat after Linux 4.0 kernel added a useful object-capabilities like API. This can be useful for PDO and similar deployments to integrate untrusted nodes. We are very busy at CertifiedTrue building for trust.

CertifiedTrue a REBNY PropTech Finalist!

CertifiedTrue Blockchain
CertifiedTrue Blockchain

Certified Truis truly excited to have been named one of three finalist in REBNY’s PropTech Challenge, Global Virtual Hackathon to be held this November 8th in New York City.

When this competition was first announced REBNY Chairman Bill Rudin stated “The PropTech Challenge leverages the wealth of worldwide technology talent…. to drive innovation and collaboration to address the diverse needs of New York City’s real estate market … New York City has always been the place where innovators want to make their mark.”

John H. Banks, REBNY President also said “The PropTech Challenge will advance New York City’s position as a destination for real estate tech”

Certified True CEO Stephen Graves upon learning that Certified True had been selected as a finalist stated “It is incredibly exciting to be named a finalist in the Blockchain category in REBNY’s PropTech Challenge. Our whole focus has been to make it easy and safe for legal, insurance and real estate professionals to access the benefits of Blockchain in order to reduce fraud, risks and operational costs. To be recognized by the leading real estate organization in New York City as a Blockchain PropTech innovator is simply extraordinary!”

Certified True CIO Ron DaSilva said “ I have to agree with our CEO. For CertifiedTrue to be recognized by REBNY and its Technology Committee as a cutting-edge solution meeting real world needs faced by today’s leading real estate companies is an incredibly important milestone for our startup venture.”

REBNY Proptech Finalists were selected in four challenge categories—Blockchain; Operations & Maintenance; Commercial Brokerage; or Architecture Engineering Construction & Development.

Judges comprised of REBNY members, industry experts, and sponsors reviewed submissions to determine the finalists looking for originality, creativity, strategic thinking, practical implementation and potential value to industry professionals.

The top three finalists in each challenge category have now been invited to present a Demo as part of New York Real Estate Tech Week 2018 being held on Thursday, November 8th in Manhattan.

REBNY noted that this competition builds on its successful Hackathon held last year which brought together 200 of the brightest minds in the property and technology industries.

Devpost, a platform for software competitions hosting this REBNY challenge released this list of finalists in the Blockchain category:

Certified True and Certnet Blockchain